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Postby azsteve » Wed May 08, 2013 9:04 pm

Document # is PPU240.241-PE1. Published 1978. Image quality is good, text searchable.

So there is some mixing and matching required when ordering the overhaul kit from Motorpower. iirc, the bearings and something else need to come from the PPU parts they have... Now, I don't know if what they have is coming from a PPU 240, 241 or 340... so instead of guessing which or contacting motorpower I just hunted down the parts catalogs for all three.

I was told by the manager of Komatsu America's document department that this is NOT the final catalog for the PPU 240/241. He gave me the document number for that but I seem to have misplaced it, lol. I was able to locate this earlier catalog but not the final... oh well. I will be calling that guy back sooner or later so I will get the final catalog doc # again someday and try to track it down again.

Anyway, these part #'s can be pulled up by Komatsu parts guys... some may not be current and they may not have any parts at all and the only parts a patrol owner might even need are bearings.... BUT!, I figure more information is better than less, even if it is extraneous and semi-obsolete, lol. And this engine was built by Nissan, after all... Don't know any history about it... but it might be useful to Patrollers...
Anyway, here it is.

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